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Forget Me Not Marketing

Price: $200.00

What Is Forget Me Not Marketing?

It’s a monthly subscription service that takes care of email database management and email marketing for loan officers with their referral sources and their loan applicants….prospective, current and previous. 
 Why Do You Need It?
The answer to that is simple...the Fortune’s In The Follow Up.  From prospecting to pre-quals to post-closing, consistently staying in touch with people is the key to maximizing your production.
· You do a pre-qual on the phone….then what?
· You close someone’s loan...then what?
· A referral source is open to considering your services….then what?
In today’s fiercely competitive market, failing to follow up is a practice that is too costly to be allowed to continue.  
"Forget Me Not Marketing is easy, efficient, effective and an essential element of any loan officer's marketing.  I won't be without it!" 
 Rena Rogers, Vice President, Pine State Mortgage
 What Do We Do For You?
We input, organize & maintain your email database
We run your email marketing campaigns for you
We handle all the bouncebacks, removal requests and bad addresses, keeping your database up-to-date
Want To See Samples?
Click on the "View More Images" link at the left and you'll see a broad variety of the types of things we do for our subscribers.  When viewing the images, scroll all the way to the bottom to see a description for the sample.
"Team Mortgage is a huge believer in Forget Me Not Marketing because it truly works!  Our long term approach to the business and FMN's consistent contact points drive our message to our clients each and every day." 
Kevin Finch, President, Team Mortgage
By entering a quantity of  "1" in the shopping cart, you will be starting the minimum subscription of 6 months during which you will be billed at the rate of $100/month. 
We look forward to welcoming you as a new subscriber. 

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