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From Thin Air To Millionaire

Price: $14.95

From Thin Air To Millionaire is Debra's 2nd book and the one in which she details how she started her business, quite literally, on her kitchen table and grew it into a multi-million dollar enterprise.
This is a "must read" for those who not only enjoy business success stories, but also appreciate an author who's willing to confess to the many mistakes made along the way.  It's a fast read that will teach you some valuable "how to's",  make you laugh and make you think.  If you have an idea or a business inside you that you're wanting to bring to life, this book will inspire you to do it.
Debra says, "I used to think that all people wanted to hear about was what made you successful.  But, I have learned over the years that people learn even more if you'll share your challenges with them.  Hopefully, by doing so they'll be able to avoid some of those pitfalls and be able to make the climb to the top even faster.  At least that's my hope."

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