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Keeping The Fire Alive

Price: $29.95

 "How can you keep yourself fresh when you've been doing the same thing for a long time?"  This 2 CD program answers that question. 

Debra will share with you. . .

* The 3 evolutionary phases that every career, project or entrepreneurial venture grows through and how to manage the process vs. it managing you.

* 5 character traits of super stars and what you can do to cultivate those same traits.

* Keys for staying happy in your work no matter how long you've been doing it.

* Telltale signs of to avoid them, overcome them and bounce back again.

* Two types of slumps - one easy to fix, one slightly more challenging and what you can do about them both.

* The most dangerous stage of anyone's career and what to do to keep yourself from becoming a casualty.

Anyone who's been in business for a while will thoroughly enjoy this series and gain benefit from it as it breathes new life into their work.

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