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One Hour Phone Consultation with Debra Jones

Price: $500.00

For the first time EVER you can hire Debra Jones to help you one-on-one.
Debra pioneered individual loan officer marketing in the mortgage industry.  Many of the top originators in the country are long-time students of the Debra Jones school of marketing and credit her as being very influential in their career success.  Debra is well known for showing loan officers how to create, maintain and expand multi-million dollar networks of repeat and referral business.
When it comes to sales and marketing in the mortgage business, no one does it better than Debra Jones.
Debra now balances her time between living in the US and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where she and her husband own a mortgage company.  After decades of heavy road travel, dual-country living has afforded Debra the opportunity to reduce her road schedule and have more office time available.  As a result, for the first time in over 25 years, she has the schedule flexibility to be able to work with clients one-on-one for either a one-time call or an on-going schedule.


How could an hour on the phone with Debra Jones benefit you?


Based upon Debra’s depth of knowledge and her decades of experience working with literally tens of thousands of loan officers and hundreds of companies, Debra can do more for you and/or your company in an hour than others could do in a half day.


She can save you weeks, if not months, of time not to mention significant sums of money by allowing you to tap into her expertise on the following topics:


  • Sales – Got a tough situation?  Need some skill and/or approach improvement?  Bring in Debra for some insight.
  • Marketing – she has a VERY strong expertise in database marketing and customer retention management
  • Management Issues – handling the complexities of an origination sales force is not always easy.  Sometimes it’s helpful to have an experienced, non-biased opinion.

Think an hour’s not enough?


If your circumstance is such that it will require a more long-term consulting arrangement, please email Debra a summary of your situation at and she’ll get back to you with an estimate if she can help you.  
Or, you can call her main office at 1-800-456-1001.  Ask to speak to Joy and she’ll schedule an appointment for you to be able to discuss your project directly with Debra.  If Debra can help you, she’ll provide you with an estimate and a plan of action.  If she can’t help you, she’ll do her best to refer you to someone else.
Put Debra's expertise to work for you today.  Order your one-hour consultation by clicking "Add to Cart."  Once your order is received, Debra's office will be in touch to schedule your session.

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