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The HomeOwner's Report

Price: $4.00

Would you be willing to spend $4 a year to get repeat and referral business?  That's what it costs you per borrower to be a subscriber to The HomeOwner's Report.
Debra has published The HomeOwner's Report for over 20 years and it's one of the best marketing tools your money can buy.  A post-closing borrower marketing tool, The HomeOwner's Report is published quarterly.
The HomeOwner's Report is priced so that it is affordable by everyone in the mortgage business. The newsletter sells for $1 per issue/borrower per quarter.

Since the production of this newsletter requires customized printing with your specific information, (which we do for you) minimum order levels apply. We suggest that in addition to your name, your company, address, website info, email and phone, etc., that you'd also want to include your picture and/or your company logo in the various places available within the publication.

A minimum order consists of 100 newsletters per quarter, at an annual cost of $400 + shipping charges.

What if you want more than that?

Simply notify us each quarter as to the quantity you want to have printed beyond your minimum order level of 100 newsletters. It's easy to figure your additional charge, it's $1 per issue + shipping.
Enter a Quantity of "100" in the box below to purchase the minimum subscription of 100 issues/quarter.  Orders less than 100 will NOT be accepted.  However, orders of 100 or greater per quarter are GLADLY accepted.

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