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Two-Day Management Retreat Held in Puerto Vallarta, MX

Price: $15,000.00

New in 2010... 

Private Two-Day Management Retreats

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Fine Tune Your Company’s Sales & Marketing Strategy


Debra Jones has spent decades in the mortgage business training literally tens of thousands of loan officers and has worked with hundreds of companies large to small.  During that time she has gained a significant amount of knowledge and insight that can be of benefit to others.


You can tap into that knowledge base for your management team with a Two-Day Management Retreat.  This is a completely customized program specific to your company.  It is a closed, private event.  The format is that of a workshop and is highly interactive.  


When you take your team away from the daily grind and place them in a relaxing environment with minimal business distractions, you’ll be astonished at the creativity that will surface to handle your most challenging sales and marketing problems.  Reward your management team with a retreat that will renew and invigorate them to face the challenges of today’s ever-changing marketplace with laser beam focus for their sales and marketing initiatives.


Your management team works incredibly hard.  Give them the tools they need to maximize the success of your company as well as their own.

Topics Covered in the Two Days


·                    Leadership skills

·                    Teambuilding

·                    Complete review of sales and marketing strategy - Debra researches your company prior to the retreat, analyzing what works about your systems, what's lacking and provides suggestions for improvement
·                    Successful recruiting techniques

·                    Incentive Programs  - Best Practices

·                    Conflict resolution

·                    Managing the challenges of a diverse origination sales team


When Are The Retreats Available?


Debra resides in Puerto Vallarta during most of the winter.  Retreats are offered during October, November, January and February.


Retreats can be held during a weekend such that minimal interruption to the normal work schedule is experienced.


What Does It Cost?


Debra’s fee to research your company, facilitate the program and present the content is $15,000 + expenses.


The fee covers Debra’s time and is not based upon how many people you have in the room.  Therefore, whether you have 5 or 50 managers, her fee is the same.
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